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Each week, clients ask questions regarding a variety of crochet and fiber arts related curriculum, education, and technical matters. Dr. Portia York (Dr. Po)  can answer questions on how to incorporate the fiber arts (especially the crochet technique), give insight on using the crochet art form as a conduit toward larger social, wellness, and cultural aspects, as well as discuss how the crochet art form can be a member of the STEAM family. Allow Dr. Po to offer ideas on the benefits of incorporating crochet or other fibers within varying educational, social, corporate, and work aspects that support youth and adults. Have questions? #AskDrPo.

Questions About Arts Integrated Development?

  • How do you incorporate the fiber arts into math lesson plans?

  • How do you use the fiber arts with expression?

  • How do you use fiber arts to explore culture and identity?

  • How do you train teachers on teaching lessons to incorporate the arts?

  • Why is Crochet important in the modern world?

  • How can you engage a team with crochet to build stronger relationships?

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