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Our Story


Thank you for visiting our site. I'm Dr. York, Founder, CEO, and Creative Educator with York Creative Education Group.  My unique destiny is to get everyone to embrace and hopefully begin to love and appreciate how fiber arts can make a special impact in their lives. I learned to crochet as a young 10-year-old child at a camp in the inner city of Boston and have never stopped. I've learned that integrating fiber arts in content like math for students, and into well-being initiatives can change lives. With my education, training, experience, and love of arts,  I am qualified to offer sessions that help you with lowering stress and anxiety, build stronger team bonds, and even learn math, all through exploring the crochet technique. An additional benefit is that many of these techniques have been research-based stress and tension relievers, brain stimulators for memory, and support dexterity. I love fiber arts so much that I want to help others progress in work, education, and life from its benefits. At York Creative Education Group, we create to educate!


        Dr. York 

Speaking Engagements


Dr. York enjoys speaking about diverse crochet-related topics.

  • "Crochet for Your Well Being" - Explore the Therapeutic Benefits of Crochet.

  • "Crochet's Connection to Math/STEM" - Uncover the Mathematical Aspects of Crochet.

  • "Historical and Cultural Perspectives of Crochet as Art" - Journey Through the Rich Heritage and Cultural Significance of Crochet as an Art Form.

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