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Crochet is More Than a Craft

The art of crochet is known as a craft, but also as art. It is a member of the fiber art family. Not only are crocheted designs interesting where you can count intricate stitches to explore arithmetic, pattern sequencing, and geometry to the designs for brain stimulation and memory, but the soothing repetition of crocheting stitches helps lessen stress and anxiety, essentially connecting it to well-being. Interestingly, group crocheting with creatively designed curriculum can support an oranization's communication, collaboration, team building, as well as support DEI initiatives. Crochet is like an old friend---it's wise, stable, and reliable; and York Creative Education Group offers crochet workshops with a modern twist. That means, they are for everyone who identifies as binary, nonbinary, or ungendered. The workshops offer lessons in crochet but also personal and professional development in business. The crochet hook and yarn do not discriminate. Now that we are all clear with the parameters of the crochet workshops, pop over to check out my fiber art show exhibiting many crochet pieces. It will help you understand why you really want to try a crochet workshop from York Creative Education Group.

Show Details

Insatiable Fibers

Jeanne Rauch Gallery

Gaston College

Jan. 9 - Feb. 10

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