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Research and Education

Tactile/kinesthetic learning, design and practice of crochet,  advanced mathematical concepts, girls of color. #cryptocrochet, a research project of  
crochet and math to support girls of color in S.T.E.M fields.

#CryptopCrochet Talk @ UNCC College of Computing and Informatics.

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Education through Publications

The Influence of Dramatic Arts on Literacies For Black Girls in Middle School

For middle Schoo Black girls to fit in educational and social settings they must be seen and understood in their unique ways, and be able to utilize certain literacies to assist with navigating how they communicate, their confidence, expressions, and identities, in their settings. In this book, you will read about the impact that practicing drama strategies has on foundational, digital, and Black Girls' literacies for middle school Black girls. Personal stories of Black girls are shared on how drama strategies help them navigate discrimination, racist and misogynistic slurs, and even support their self confidence and public speaking. You will read about the benefits of Black girls practicing drama in a safe space guided by a Black female drama teacher who chooses culturally relevant pedagogy for her students.

Some ask why I wrote this book while being a fiber artist, and I say, this book is personal. I have lived experiences of being a young Black urban middle school girl dealing with the same educational and societal ills that current Black girls face.  I adopted a passion for watching performance art and drama practices because I witnessed authentic forms of expression, and supports through life.

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Book Chapters

  • In The Divide Within, see Ch. 11 on Promoting Student Achievement.

  • In Conquering Academia, see Ch. 3 on The Unleashed Educator.

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