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Speaking Engagement

Speaking Engagements

Captivating speaking engagements on diverse crochet related topics that spark conversation about well-being, S.T.E.A.M. education, and cultural fiber art.

  • "Challenging the Pre-Existing Beliefs About Crochet"

  • "Stitching Serenity: Crochet and Well-Being"

  • "Crochet's Connection to Math and STEM" - Uncover the Mathematical Aspects of Crochet.

  • "Historical and Cultural Perspectives of Crochet as Art" - Journey Through the Rich Heritage and Cultural Significance of Crochet as an Art Form. 

QC Morning Show on WBTV, Charlottot

Me at WBTV.jpg


  • Crochet and Well-being
  • Crochet & Sip
  • Crochet Circle
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