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Curriculum Development

Integrating fiber arts with culturally responsive arts education creates an engaging and inclusive curriculum that enhances student learning and engagement. By using hands-on projects like crocheting, coiling, embroidery and other art forms students can better understand complex concepts in subjects such as math, science, history, and language arts. This approach also ensures that diverse cultural perspectives are represented and valued, fostering a sense of belonging and validation. This innovative curriculum not only improves academic performance but also promotes creativity, critical thinking, cultural awareness, belonging preparing students for a more interconnected world.

We design expertly crafted, culturally responsive arts education curricula for schools, after-school programs, camps, clubs, churches, and other organizations. By integrating fiber arts and other art forms with diverse cultural perspectives, and integrate with meaningful content, our programs enhance engagement, understanding, and inclusivity, fostering creativity and critical thinking in learners.
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Speaking Engagement

Speaking Engagements

​Captivating speaking engagements on diverse fiber arts-related topics that spark conversation about well-being, S.T.E.A.M. education, and culture.

  • Crochet: An ancient craft becomes a powerful tool for enhancing overall wellness

  • Crochet's Connection to Math and STEM: Uncover the Mathematical Aspects of Crochet

  • Challenging the Pre-Existing Beliefs About Crochet: Age, Race, Gender, and Product

  • Historical and Cultural Perspectives of Fiber Arts: Journey Through the Rich Heritage and Diverse Cultural Significance 

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