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Stay In Your Lane Program

Stay in Your Lane Webinar

Dr. York, CEO & Creative Educator of York Creative Education Group, Professor and Fiber artist; and her colleague Dr. Sonyia Richardson, CEO of Another Level Counseling, Researcher and Professor will share success strategies toward achieving personal and professional goals. They discovered a model that works for them. Goal set and stay in your lane.  Find out the intricate details by participating in their Stay in Your Lane Webinar. Register now for $249.

Dr. Portia York and Dr. Sonyia Richardson

Topic: Learn Strategies of Goal Setting, Accountability, and Discernment.


The presenters, Dr.Portia York and Dr. Sonyia Richardson, have learned to stay in their lanes to achieve success in their lives and want to share them with you. In this webinar, they will discuss and share strategies on how to overcome many of the challenges that people encounter when they are struggling to achieve goals.

Join us on Feb. 1 @ 8:00 - 9:30 AM

We created our timely and efficient online webinar to support busy business leaders, women entrepreneurs, civic organization leaders, and others to focus on their goals and navigate their life’s purpose with success.  You will discuss how to:


  • Have a Vision

  • Set Your Goals

  • Create Your Lanes 

  • Develop Focus Strategies

  • Set Reminders to Check In

  • Live in Your Purpose

Registration is Closed.

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